Safe Standing

Safe Standing is a campaign to see the return of standing sections in top tier English football club stadiums. Since the Hillsborough disaster in 1989, clubs in the top two leagues in England have been required to have all-seater stadiums for the safety of fans.

Despite this, large numbers of fans still stand at football matches regardless which leads these fans to be labelled as unruly and can often result in fans being mistreated by stewards and police.

Wor Hyem 1892 fully supports and actively pushes the campaign to bring back standing to areas of the top tier football stadiums across England and Wales.

We fully support the campaign for #SafeStanding implementing “rail seating”. More than 100,000 people signed a petition earlier in 2018 calling for Parliament to change this outdated act and allow clubs, fans and local authorities to appropriately determine whether standing areas are suitable in the stadiums. The fans and club know their stadium better than anyone else and the decision on whether to stand should lay with those.

All-seater stadiums were brought in under “safety” however the current system hasn’t guaranteed safety with large groups of supporters in certain areas remaining to stand in seated areas which is actually far less safe than in standing areas in European stadiums, accidents are more likely to happen.

Implementing safe standing would be one step to taking back our football clubs and changing views / rules on the criminalisation of football fans.

We should be treated equally to other sports fans around the country and across the world.

The Myth – This is NOT safe standing

Safe standing is not a step back into the old terracing you’d see back in the 70’s.

The Reality – This IS safe standing

Safe standing is the use of state of the art “rail seats” where the seat is folded away to allow standing, a metal support rail is on every tier at waist height to the supporter.

Where are “rail seats” being used?

Rail seats are used in stadiums across Europe, most notably at state-of-the-art stadia in Hoffenheim (German Bundesliga, stadium opened 2009), Klagenfurt (UEFA Euro 2008 venue, opened 2007), Wolfsburg (German Bundesliga champions 2009, opened 2002), Hannover (2006 World Cup), Werder Bremen (German Bundesliga, stadium remodelled in 2010/11) and the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Stuttgart (German Bundesliga), where remodelling in 2011 now provides standing space for 10,000 fans using this form of rail seat.

Closer to home, rail seating is used at Celtic Park and was granted in 2016.

We can’t have another Hillsborough

A lot of factors played into the heartbreaking Hillsborough disaster that lead to the death of so many supporters and with that a lot has changed in our stadiums.

Every tier of supporters will have a solid metal rail in front of them preventing a massive domino pile up from occuring.

We no longer have “pens” with high perimeter fencing which literally cage supporters into blocks and prevent them from getting onto the pitch.

Fans will still be allocated a “seat” or “space” so no overcrowding can occur. Stewards are trained to ensure that people are evenly distributed across the standing zones.

Sheila Coleman of the Hillsborough Justice Campaign tweeted support for the safe standing campaign.

To read more information including detailed reportson existing stadium plans, blueprints on rail seating, testimonials and the latest news, please visit the Safe Standing Roadshow website.