Flag Guide

Design a flag and have artwork saved ready to upload.

Go to https://www.ultrasshop.com/

Click on the England option from the list of flags. It’s very important you select England as this means the flag will pass the safety/fire regulations of our country to be allowed into the stadium.

From the list on the left click “Products with your design”.

Scroll down to flags and choose what type you want. For example the smaller wavers that we use are ‘stick printed’. The surfers and larger flags are ‘sector printed’.

Choose the height and width from the relevant boxes, the price shown on the right changes with the size selected.

Choose the seam size for the poles, we usually choose 2 or 3 cm depending on the size of the flag.

If you’re given the option, choose B1 material, this confirms to UK fire safety, if there isn’t an option then the default will be B1 so don’t worry.

Click on ‘upload file’ box, depending on the size of your file this can take a few minutes.

An image will then appear on the screen.

For your poles and sticks, on the menu click on ‘choreography’ and choose ‘sticks for flags’ and choose what you require. Make sure your pole is longer than your flag so you can hold it!

If you’re happy, press add to cart and checkout.