Blaydon Races Fan Version

The club are motoring on with a plan to record their own version of Blaydon Races for use before matches, one that sounds more authentic.

It’s not meant to be a cheesy, FA Cup final-style club singalong, far from it. The aim is to create something of a tribal call to arms ahead of matches, with a symbolic Tyneside song at its heart and sung by the fans!

The Wor Hyem movement have been asked by the club to reach out to its wider membership to see who would be interested in getting involved in something truly historic in terms of helping bring a better atmosphere to home games. This is a step in the right direction on our journey and we are delighted to be taking part along with Gallowgate Flags!

With that in mind, we’re looking for up to 60 fans to come along to a mic’d up room before the Burton game to have a beer and have some singing recorded. The aim to have this ready to play before the Leeds match!

Time: 5:30pm (should be an hour absolute max)

Date: Wednesday 5th April (before Burton home match)

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