About Wor Hyem 1892

Wor Hyem 1892, a voice for all toon fans founded in November 2016. A group of ordinary individuals sharing the same passion and outlook wanting to make a difference and create that atmosphere that has been missing for some time!
This is our mission! A mission we want to emanate around all areas of the ground. Of course, we appreciate that people go to the match for a multitude of reasons and we understand that not everyone wants/can stand and sing their hearts out. We are not here to judge people! All we want is for everyone to share the same positivity and euphoria, get behind the lads for the full 90mins no matter what and make SJP a fortress again; a cauldron of intimidation for the opposing teams stepping foot onto that pitch consumed with stress on how they can silence us.
As a group we are growing. We have already achieved so much but want to keep pushing the boundaries to achieve even more, to be at the forefront of fan opinion and showcase the people behind the Club, behind the City. Together we will be stronger! We promote diversity and want fans of all ages, cultures and circumstances to feel they can approach us and encourage the same to offer their ideas and opinions. We want to listen, we want to support and, ultimately we want to BRING BACK THE NOISE!!

About Wor Flags (Previously Gallowgate Flags)

Gallowgate Flags is a fan lead group with the aim of creating a better atmosphere at St James Park.
A likeminded group got together to share ideas on how to achieve this.
It was then decided that turning the Gallowgate end into a black and white wall was the way forward.
Through hard work and donations by our fans we achieved this with spectacular effect.
Since our first display against Huddersfield we have grown with our displays in a magnificent capacity.
We have the largest surfer (we are united) in the United Kingdom and a fantastic variety of flags, such as the legends, Monty, Geordie pride, Rafa and our old shirts collection.
We now feel that the display in the Gallowgate end is the biggest and best in the country and is unrivalled.

The Merger

Wor Hyem initially started out as a small group of fans with a common goal: To bring back the noise to St James’ Park. Wor Hyem was instrumental in the singing section being introduced to the Gallowgate and working alongside Gallowgate Flags we have created displays and an atmosphere noticed all over the world. Although the disbanding of Gallowgate Flags was disappointing, the majority of Gallowgate Flags came together and wanted to unite with Wor Hyem, something we instantly accepted. Now we have 2 groups, United for United, aiming to continue the fantastic work that has gone into this season. We are promising more fantastic displays, a continued effort for a fantastic atmosphere and the aim of making St James’ Park a fortress again!