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Something very important has been lost

By George Stoker    24/04/17   

The first game I went to was v Notts Forest, FA Cup quarter final 1974, standing in The Leazes End-and was instantly hooked.

George Stoker 1976 Newcastle United Supporters Travel Pass

The noise, the passion, the visceral excitement, the local identity, the fierce tribalism. This was the time of Skins, Gangs, Boot Boys, overt violence, mass fights unsafe stands and many other horrors. But on that day we learned that the crowd could influence the outcome of the game.

Over he next forty plus years, I've stood in The Gallowgate, The East Corner, The Leazes and had seats all over the ground. Been to Wembley five times and over thirty away grounds. Supporting NUFC became a very important part of me.

Move forward to Saturday 11th March 2017, I did what I only done once in the intervening years-left early. Sitting in the middle of The Gallowgate we went 3-0 down. I didn't leave because we were getting beaten, but because of my fellow fans, when not looking at phones or sitting in total silence they got on the players backs , complained, winged and offered no positives to our team. Any attempts to get a positive response was looked at with dead eyed contempt and open hostility.

Now, society has changed in many positive ways during the above periods and I am no way suggesting a return to the mid 70s.

Something very important has been lost along the way-with he advent of all seater Stadia, scrutiny by cameras, heavy handed stewarding/ policing, splitting up of noisy fans we have been coerced into near silence and the new norm is a complete lack of support and atmosphere.


First became aware of them on twitter. I replied to request on website and almost immediately got a return phone call from Ed Renwick. Knocked out by his positive attitude and ideas as to how things should change. Loved the ethos, and for the first time in my life didn't vomit when I read ‘ The Mission Statement’.

I was involved with recording of ‘Blaydon Races’ which is being belted out before home games and feel like I've been included all the way with initiatives. We really are a bunch of decent folk, trying to do the right thing. Even if we have a mission statement.

A group of like minded individuals does exist, attempting to create a fan lead group to Bring Back The Noise. We want St James Park to be loud and intimidating, to make teams fear coming here, to raise the roof at every game, win ,lose or draw. To sing our hearts out for the lads.

To do this a dedicated area needs to be set aside for people willing to do this. For it to succeed we need to create a groundswell of opinion that the club can't ignore.

Rafa has made it clear on many occasions how important he and the players think passionate, supportive, noisy crowds make.

Howay everyone get onboard , join this just and righteous cause.

Get involved. Get motivated. Get Gannin.

Cheers George Stoker

Geordies stop at nothing to get what they want

By Amy    22/04/17   

I must confess I was something of a late bloomer. Football began to pique my interest at the tender age of 13 but my first ever experience at the Cathedral on the Hill was not until I was 24(!) which saw us draw 3-3 at home to West Brom on the final day of the 2010/11 season. Not a classic by any means but a 3-0 lead up until the 62nd minute and a ram packed SJP had me hungry for more (just a pity I had to wait until the next darn season!).

That same season also delivered a day no Geordie will ever forget! On 5 February 2011 we were 0-4 down to a rampant Arsenal by half time. I remember my dad dishing out a fair few verbals at the screen calling them worse than muck and me stomping off upstairs in a huff (with him) to watch the game on my own. We had 45mins to redeem some dignity; and what a glorious 45mins it was!! I could not believe what was unfolding before my eyes. For one, the team that never gets awarded a penalty got two (two God dammit!!) in one game. 4 minutes of the 90 remaining and the score line was 3-4. Step forward Cheick Tiote!! To call the equaliser a 'screamer' is, even to this day, a little understated; the passion flowing through the veins of fans and players at that moment was overwhelming – too overwhelming to ever forget.

Another fond memory for me was the final day of the 2015/16 season against Spurs at home. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make the game but, to be honest, I didn't need to…solely from watching the game on the TV, looking at Rafa standing in his technical area, the crowd belting out his name for the full 90mins - a bond so apparent between manager and fans, I felt proud! Even the man himself looked overwhelmed by the support; after all, we were relegated!! When the Geordies want something, they stop at nothing to get it. The dynamics of the club changed that day, all in the space of 90 minutes. It was surreal!

With Rafa at the helm I thought the atmospheres at SJP would be electric this season but, in my opinion, they have been anything but, mainly because people seem to think that because of who he is we should have climbed mount Everest by now….let's crawl before we can even walk please!! The sheer fickleness and arrogance of some of our fans makes me so angry. They believe shouting abuse at the players is going to kick them into action. What's the old proverb….negativity breeds negativity; positively breeds positivity. Hurling obscenities is only going to emanate that negativity onto the pitch. Ask yourself this…would you like to play at SJP in front of 50k+ calling you worse than sh!t, booing when you're a goal down, moaning when you misplace a pass; I know I wouldn't!! Norwich at home on 28 September 2017 presented a near perfect example of our so called "support". A big game against an opponent deemed by most to be serious title contenders with the best squad in the division. Still, a lot of our fans believe we have a god given right to steamroll every opponent in this division. "Newsflash" – WE DON'T! This reeks of complacency if you ask me (the exact thing the fans whinge about the team being). Anyway, 69 minutes into the game and 1-3 down, I stood in disbelief at the streams of people leaving the stands hoping for some divine intervention to really rub their noses in it! Not even I was prepared for what was about to happen. Total, complete and utter elation! I had the bruises on the back of my legs the next day to prove it –boy they were corkers….and matching! Some of the best scenes in football were witnessed during that game (Rafa being swept off his feet by Mitro, Shelvey and the ball boy, a pile on on the pitch (started by Mitro almost choke slamming Gayle to the ground), Gouffs smashing the ball off the TV screen, the subs pelting down the touchline to join in (Colback didn't even have his boots on))…one thing is for damn sure, these players want to play for this club! Oh, and let's also not forget the guy next to me who literally ended up three rows down with a pensioner on his lap!!

And right there ladies and gents is why I joined this movement. We need an identity back! We need likeminded individuals united! We ALL need to be united! Some might say we are trying to manufacture an atmosphere but football is changing rapidly; we need to claw it back. Things don't happen by themselves but through ourselves. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but before you give it, have a think about it first and ask yourself if you are being open-minded and fair. Rafa doesn't need us, we need him and, personally, I'm just thankful that he came here in the first place – for that alone I will be eternally grateful.

The away atmosphere is better than home

By Ryan    29/03/17   

I've been going to St James since 1998, 2 or 3 times a season. I took my lad (Lennon) to his 1st game against Stoke in 2010 he was 4. He was probably a bit young but he enjoyed it. We have always sat in the Gallowgate or as close to the East corner as we could because that's the only atmosphere there is especially if the Team isn't playing well or are getting beat. I have always stood and sang and got behind the lads on the field no matter what. Or at least till I start getting funny looks or stares off fellow Toon fans. I've never had a season ticket as the last few years I've always mixed it up with home games and a few away. I almost gave up on going to home games as away games is so much better atmosphere. Even my lad is sick of the negativity at StJames. I've been on twitter for about 18month now and almost deleted my account as it was just full of Negativity about the Team. The Spurs game was unreal and apart from Benfica the best buzz I've had at home. We were RELEGATED I was gutted but the thought of Rafa staying gave me hope. He has stayed because of us, the fans!! Where have we gone?? I know fellas from the 70's 80's era that havn't been anywhere near StJames for 10 year because of the flat atmosphere. My mind was decided after Wigan away. Delete Twitter and just go to away Games but around that time I started seeing tweets and positively and the big urge to improve the atmosphere and #bringbackthenoise. I followed these lads and lasses and kept my twitter haha and now definitely a season Ticket as there seems to be hundreds more like me. Get behind the team and sing your heart out. Rafa stayed because of the fans. If we keep going like we are he could go because of us. The Wor Hyem group are so passionate about the club and the City it is unbelievable. They just want that buzz back and that noise. Like most of us. We all need to get together and UNITE. If we could put as much effort into the atmosphere as the Wor Hyem team are putting it to sorting it out. It will be the Fortress like it once was. We have Rafa Benitez!! One of the best managers in the world he has said he needs us. With the possibility of a return to Premier league with Rafa and the possibility of a big change with us the fans. We need to get behind the team for the final push YANNNITED

Greeted by a wall of noise

By Liam    28/03/17   

My first experience of the famous St James’ atmosphere was in 1988 where as a 5 year old lad, my dad took me to my first game. I remember walking up what seemed like very steep steps at the time and being greeted by a wall of noise as I took my first look at what would become a huge part of my life.

My dad’s job took us outside of the North East for a large part of my early years, but we always went back to the game when we could, and when we moved a bit closer to home, I got my current season ticket in 1997, aged 14. The highlight of the weekend was always the match, both home and away. Being part of the atmosphere, the noise, and getting behind the 11 blokes in black and white stripes was what it was all about. I felt I was part of a group of supporters that all felt the same.

Things seem to have changed, and not for the better. I am regularly mocked in my family for trying to go to sleep at a game as a youngster and telling my dad to ‘tell them to stop singing’. The sad truth is that you could quite easily go to sleep at a game now and be undisturbed. The atmosphere feels flat. Even in a season where we are top of the league with Rafa Benitez as our manager, the amount of negativity on matchday is a disgrace. That is the reason I am 100% behind everything that Wor Hyem and Gallowgate Flags are trying to achieve. In an ideal world, atmosphere shouldn’t have to be manufactured, forced or coerced. But in an age where the only thing that gets people on their feet is a bad refereeing decision, or to hurl abuse at our own players, something has to change.

Hopefully one day I’ll have my own 5 year old lad to take to the game, and I want him to feel exactly the same way about Newcastle United as I did when I was that age. Howay the lads!!!