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Oh me lads, ye shud av seen us gannin'
Passin the folks alang the road,
Just as they wor stannin',
Al the lads an' lasses there,
Al wi' smiling faces,
Gannin' alang the Scotswood road,
To see the Blaydon Races.
We went to Blaydon Races, was on the ninth of June,
Eiteen Hundred an' sixtiy-two on a summer's afternoon,
We took the bus from Balmbra's, she was heavy laden,
Away we went alang Collingwood Street,
That's on the road to Blaydon.
We flew past Armstrong's factory,
And up to the Robin Adair,
Just gannin' doon to the railway bridge,
The bus wheel flew off there,
The lasses lost their crinolines,
An' the veils that hide their faces,
A got two black eyes an' a broken nose,
Gannin' to Blaydon Races.
When we got the wheel put on,
Away we went again,
But them that had their noses broke,
They came back ower hyem,
Sum went to the dispensary,
An' some to Doctor Gibbs,
An' some to the infimary,
To mend their broken ribs.
We flew across the Chain Bridge,
Reet into Blaydon Toon,
The bellman he was callin' there,
They call him Jackie Brown,
A saw him talkin' to some chaps,
An then he was persuadin,
To gan an see Geordy Ridley's show,
In the mechanic's hall in Blaydon.
The rain it poor’d aw the day,
an’ myed the groons quite muddy,
Coffy Johnny had a white hat on,
they yelled "Whe stole the cuddy",
There wes spice stalls,
an’ munkey shows,
an’ aud wives selling ciders,
An’ a chep wiv a hapenny roond aboot,
shootin’ "Noo, me boys, for riders".