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Aims and Goals

At this moment in time, we are trying to bring a positive atmosphere back to SJP. We aim to do this by positive re-enforcement on social media and around the ground. We also believe a singing section is vital to making it a success.

Improving the atmosphere at the highest level is our core focus currently and that is happening at many levels. We are using social media to promote a positive message around atmosphere, and keeping a positive frame of mind on all things Newcastle, especially on match days.

Our conversations with fans and research via our questionnaire is showing that there are many, likeminded supporters of our beloved club who want exactly the same thing as we do. One of the many challenges to improving the atmosphere not withstanding winning hearts and minds, is the fact that many of the people who want to create a fun, positive atmosphere, one that will inspire the team and put fear, uncertainty and doubt in the minds of teams coming to our church are spread far and wide across the ground.

Passion is infectious, especially in football and our hope is that our passion and enthusiasm for a better atmosphere will resonate with as many people as possible and spread across the ground.

We believe an official singing section in the ground, would be an ideal starting point. This would allow us to gather all the people who share our philosophy into the same area, creating a constant, fun, loud and hard to ignore section of fans who all want to chant and sing to inspire their team to greater things.